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Gwen Jones, BS: Case Management

Gwen graduated with her B.S. Nursing degree and worked as a nurse for 27 years! Throughout that time, she gained an interest in the mental health field, which ultimately led to a career change. She now works as a case manager in the Idaho Falls office and connects members to needed resources. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, and reading. 


Kiley Leonardson, BA: Case Management

Kiley, in our Idaho Falls Office is amazing at teaching skills to individuals that are lost as a result of their Mental Health Condition. She is the CM and CBRS team leader for our agency. She also works to connect individuals to resources in their community. She is bight, energetic and pure sunshine.

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Hailie Cowdell, BS: Case Management & Targeted Care Coordination 

Hailie graduated from ISU with a B.S. in Exercise Science and an M.S. in Athletic Training. In overcoming her own struggles with mental health, Hailie recognized a need to assist others struggling with their mental health navigate complex systems and connect with resources. Hailie believes in strong boundaries and placing family first. She believes everyone deserves to feel supported and valued. In her free time she enjoys cooking and reading. 

Mel Rayne-Martin

Jennifer Hawkins, BA: Case Management

Jennifer Hawkins has worked at Willow Sage Services as a Mental Health Case Manager (CM) for over two years in our Pocatello office. Jennifer graduated with a BA in Psychology, completed course work focused on children and adolescent development, cultural diversity, along with earning a minor in criminal justice. She is currently enrolled as a fulltime student to earn her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Jennifer takes a humanistic approach while focusing on peoples’ strengths, abilities, and potential which can promote positive change. She believes that everyone is a teacher and a learner, and addressing the broader issues that impact communities, families, and individuals can also lead to positive social justice. Jennifer helps others bring out their best; offering people community resources and assisting them in overcoming problems that keep them from leading a happy and more fulfilling life. She is creative in finding ways to meet client needs, while advocating for her own clients and for all of the people we serve. She tries hard to work herself out of a job by teaching and encouraging clients to do for themselves what they can. She enjoys researching the various systems impacting our clients, including Social Security, unemployment, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as the various elements of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Jennifer also works with those who identify within the LGBTQA+ community by linking them to resources and other community supports. “Nature and nurture collectively form who we are, the self-schemas that make up our self-concepts help us organize and retrieve our experiences; human beings have the ability to make the needed changes for a better quality of life, if we chose.”


Mel Rayne-Martin: Case Management

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Melissa Roberts: Case Management

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