Hailie graduated from ISU with a B.S. in Exercise Science and an M.S. in Athletic Training. After completing graduate school, Hailie recognized an ongoing stigma regarding mental health and a deep need to assist others navigate complex systems and connect with resources. As someone who also struggles with mental health, Hailie believes in open conversation, strong boundaries, and placing family first. As a Target Care Coordinator, Hailie empowers her members to overcome and achieve by linking them to resources and encouraging community. She fosters independence, learning, and healing. In her free time, Hailie enjoys cooking, reading, and volunteering for numerous organizations in Pocatello.

Erika graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology with an emphasis in criminology and a minor in psychology from Idaho State University . After her bachelors, Erika went on to complete her Master’s program at Idaho State University in Sociology. In the fall she will continue her education and start her doctorate in program in Political Science at ISU. Erika has had an ongoing passion for working with others in the mental health field and continues to research the mental and emotional effects probation officers experience when working with special populations. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, reading, watching Friends, playing with her cat, and planning her wedding for June 2021. Erika works to ensure her clients have needs continuously met and stay one step ahead by continually working to identify potential underlying and unmet needs.

Alison is a 2014 graduate from Idaho State University with a BA degree in Social Work She has been licensed and working since early 2015. During that time she gained experience working with adults who have developmental disabilities, worked in healthcare, and in mental health services. Alison enjoys helping others to empower themselves, finding their personal quality, and encouraging growth in all dimensions of wellness. In her free time, she enjoys; hiking, and other outdoor activities, reading, and time spent with family and friends. 

Idaho Falls