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Dustin Jones, Youth Support/Peer Support Specialist

 I have been active in my own recovery process for the past couple of years now. That is what has inspired me to become a Peer Support Specialist, to help those who are in their own recovery process. As a Peer Support Specialist I believe that there are many pathways to recovery and my goal is that with everyone I meet I encourage them to find those pathways to work best for that individual and to instill hope, resiliency, and support for recovery. My other certification I have is a Certified Fitness Trainer because I also believe that physical and mental health’s go hand in hand.


A little bit about me is I am a big family person. My wife and I currently have 7 children and 4 dogs crazy right?! I am a big fitness enthusiast and am currently a competitor in two sports I love. I am a down to earth person who respects everyone I meet.


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