Thanks to our Clinical Director; John Condron, MS, LCPC, MAC for his timely article, "Parenting Your Difficult Child" in this issue of Health & Medical Resource Guide. John has worked with difficult children for more than 30 years, including in a "reform school," drug treatment centers, hospitals, and in the community. Please stop by our Pocatello, Idaho office at 440 E. Clark St, Suite A to pick up your FREE copy today!

In his research of teen depression, Willow Sage Services Clinical Director, John Condron discovered some interesting information. You can read what Mr. Condron identified as contributors to teen depression in the Spring issue of Health & Medical Resource guide magazine available 'FREE' in our Pocatello, Idaho Office, 440 E. Clark St, Suite A. Pick up your copy today!!!

Marriage and family therapist; Steve Miner, of Willow Sage Services was privileged to contribute an article for the current edition of Health & Medical Resource Guide. In it, Miner describes Gottman's "The Four Horsemen" of relationship-dooming characteristics and how to avoid them. Please stop by Willow Sage Services' office at 440 E. Clark St. Suite A, in Pocatello, Idaho to get your free copy today.



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