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CBRS Providers

Idaho Falls

Daniel Herrera, BA: CBRS

Dan is a dedicated CBRS worker at Willow Sage Services in the Pocatello office. He brings over ten years of experience to the team in teaching skills to individuals who are struggling with their mental health. Dan has a passion for helping people and works tirelessly to connect them with the resources they need in their community. His expertise and compassion make him a valuable asset to the team.


Darren Christensen, BA: CBRS

Darren is a dedicated CBRS provider at Willow Sage Services with over 16 years of experience in CBRS/PSR. He is passionate about helping clients who are struggling with mental health conditions and specializes in teaching them essential life skills to regain their independence. As a team player, Darren works hard to connect clients with the right community resources to support their recovery.


In his spare time, Darren enjoys spending time with his family. He is the father of eight children. His commitment to his family is mirrored in his work as he strives to make a positive impact on the lives of the clients he serves.

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