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Peer, Youth, & Family
Support Specialists

Idaho Falls

Roberta "Bobbie" Gustafson, LMSW 

Dustin Jones.png

Dustin Jones: Peer, Youth, and Family Support

 I have been active in my own recovery process for the past couple of years now. That is what has inspired me to become a Support Specialist, to help those who are in their own recovery process. As a Support Specialist I believe that there are many pathways to recovery and my goal is that with everyone I meet I encourage them to find those pathways to work best for that individual and to instill hope, resiliency, and support for recovery. My other certification I have is a Certified Fitness Trainer because I also believe that physical and mental health go hand in hand.


A little bit about me is I am a big family person. My wife and I currently have 7 children and 4 dogs crazy right?! I am a big fitness enthusiast and am currently a competitor in two sports I love. I am a down to earth person who respects everyone I meet.


Lauri Leonardson: Peer Support

My name is Lauri Leonardson and I am a grandmother to 20 amazing grandchildren.  My beautiful daughters have given me so much joy and I love them for that. I was given the opportunity to take a class to become a  Peer Support Specialist . Trying to get through my own recovery, I  worried that I wouldn't be able to help those in need. I have been a Peer Support Specialist now since July of 2018.  This has been the most rewarding position that I have ever had.  It is a pleasure to work with  people of Willow Sage Services and the Peer Suppot Team I am with. 

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Camille Hally: Peer and Youth Support

Camille loves Southeastern Idaho, where she was born and raised. Loving the great outdoors, especially hiking and canoeing, even caused her to be a professional mountain and river guide. Receiving a scholarship and attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, she is now motivated to focus her education on the mental health field at Idaho State University. She has a great love for helping others and did so for years as a healthcare advocate. She loves to help those who are working on their mental health, as she has done so for herself—causing her to gain empathy for others with these struggles.


Jamie Nelson: Peer and Youth Support

Jamie has been a Peer Support Specialist since 2018. She loves to encourage people and give hope to those struggling in life. She has a bubbly personality and brings joy to those around her. 

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