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Peer, Youth, & Family
Support Specialists

Idaho Falls

Lauri Leonardson: Peer Support

My name is Lauri Leonardson and I am a grandmother to 20 amazing grandchildren.  My beautiful daughters have given me so much joy and I love them for that. I was given the opportunity to take a class to become a  Peer Support Specialist . Trying to get through my own recovery, I  worried that I wouldn't be able to help those in need. I have been a Peer Support Specialist now since July of 2018.  This has been the most rewarding position that I have ever had.  It is a pleasure to work with  people of Willow Sage Services and the Peer Suppot Team I am with. 

Lauri L
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Karry Petersen: Peer Support

Karry is a compassionate Peer Support Specialist at Willow Sage Services, with prior experience as a CNA. She helps individuals navigate through their mental health challenges by sharing her own experiences and providing a listening ear. Karry is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to recovery and enjoys being a part of their journey.

Karry P

Jamie Nelson: Peer and Youth Support

Jamie is a dedicated Peer Support Specialist at Willow Sage Services, bringing positivity and hope to those in need. With several years of experience in the role, she has honed her skills in supporting individuals through challenging times. Her infectious personality and upbeat attitude have helped to brighten the days of many clients. Jamie is passionate about her work and finds great fulfillment in helping others overcome their struggles.

Jamie N
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Kelsi Chapman: Peer Support Specialist

Kelsi, a devoted Peer Support Specialist and mother of two, has been a pillar of strength for the mental health community. With six years of dedicated service as a member of Willow Sage, she seamlessly blends her nurturing role at home with her professional commitment to supporting others. Her infectious sense of humor is a source of joy, creating a positive atmosphere wherever she goes. Kelsi's journey reflects a deep commitment to compassion, resilience, and a genuine desire to uplift those around her.

Kelsi C
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